Commercials - Animation

Select Sector SPDRs — 2022 Campaign



For their 2022 campaign Select Sector SPDRs wanted push the visual language to the next level, reinforcing the brand and its identity.As a creative partner we were invited to develop multiple TV/online spots with a completely revamped look and feel, which take the viewer on a journey of clever reveals and seamless movements, while incorporating on-screen messaging. Each of the 11 sectors of the S&P 500 have a unique appearance, which is woven into each film. Cleary recognizable, yet they look and feel from the same family.Deliverables:3 Spots of 15 seconds 3 Spots of 30 secondsAssets for banner campaign


Creative studio: PlusOne®

Client: Select Sector SPDRs Agency: SBA NYCSound: Public Audio