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Sealy Posturepedic



Our goal in the new campaign was to introduce the next generation of Australians to the power of Posturepedic Technology – which meant re-establishing the proposition in a compelling way. It’s a connection with the past built with a new modern approach. We’ve tied in the winning formula that made the brand a household name. The aim was to simply and effectively communicate the benefit of the level of technology and innovation that goes into making Sealy beds – by providing customers with a strong visual demonstration of how spinal support affects sleep. As a product demonstration that positions Sealy ahead of the field in mattress R&D, we wanted to construct a crash test of a different kind. Utilising CGI, we created “Sam”, a crash test android that demonstrates the impact of a mattress on the human spine by the LED lighting up in various colours along her exposed spinal column to show proper and improper alignment. By capturing SAMs seamless transition to a real human we wanted to visually reaffirm that mattress support should be as rigorously tested as the safety of luxury vehicles. “SAM” is a modern take on the classic crash test dummy mannequin. She is an (almost) living ode to the sophistication and smarts of Sealy’s lab. By capturing SAMs seamless transition to a real human, her exposed spinal column LED lights up in various colours to signal proper and improper alignment.


Animator: Kerrie Moss (Alt.vfx)Animator: Ben Beaumont (Alt.vfx)Head of Animation: Chris Rentoul (Alt.vfx)Animation Concept: Harry Gold (Alt.vfx)

Director: Colin Renshaw (T&DA)National Marketing Manager: Wade Ganzer (Sealy Posturepedic)Product Manager: Ben Whittaker (Sealy Posturepedic)General Manager: Matt Rose (Cummins & Partners)Account Manager: Oscar Robinson (Cummins & Partners)Associate Creative Director: Adam Slater (Cummins & Partners)Senior Art Director: Chay O'Rourke (Cummins & Partners)Head of Broadcast: Karley Cameron (Cummins & Partners)Print Producer: Stevie Tortosa (Cummins & Partners)Senior Retoucher: Ed Croll (Cummins & Partners)DOP: Sean Ryan (Cummins & Partners)Producer: Nina Salter (T&DA)Editor: Josh Kell (T&DA)Executive Producer: Eyvonne Carfora (T&DA)Modeller: Michael Cox (Alt.vfx)Modeller: Mitchell Robinson (Alt.vfx)Modeller: Sam Lee (Alt.vfx)CG Supervisor: Jordan McInnes (Alt.vfx)3D Rig: Conor Goodchild (Alt.vfx)FXTD: Nick Angus (Alt.vfx)Head of Lighting: Jamie White (Alt.vfx)L&R: David Chen (Alt.vfx)Lead Compositor: Matt Chance (Alt.vfx)