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Rick and Morty Season 6: Wormaggedon

Golden Wolf


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There are dream projects and there’s DREAM projects and this collaboration with Adult Swim bridging the gap between seasons 5 & 6 of Rick & Morty was definitely the latter! Named Wormageddon after the mysterious and terrifying monster that attempts to take over the world in an Endgame-esque battle, the spots see the whole Rick & Morty gang fighting for their lives with everything they’ve got!

We worked closely with the Adult Swim marketing team to develop a unique look and feel that stayed true to the essence of the show while giving the campaign, which consisted of 6 spots including commercial collaborations with Samsung and Green Hydrogen, an ownable look of its own.

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Clients: Adult Swim, Samsung, Green Hydrogen
Executive Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Dotti Sinnott
Art Director + creative lead: Charles Bigeast
Additional Creative Direction: Ewen Stenhouse
Talent Director: Henry PurringtonHead of Production: Heidi Stephenson
Senior Producer: Rebekah Hamilton

Production Manager: Lucy Caetano
Assist Producer: Larissa Miranda
Production Coordinator: Dani Bordelon
Production Assistants: Boone Tallan, Luna Gosling, Alex Young
Animation Lead: Billy Shing, Billy Mpetha
Rigging Lead: James Cox

Compositing Lead: Ian Pinder
Storyboard: Stephanie Mercier, Kirill Blumenkrants, The HiveDesign: Johnny Cardoso, Karl Fekete, Cesar St. Martin, Nick Stoney, Rav Rieck, Julien Belin,Angelo Vilar, Joey McCormick, Clem Frere, Michaela Gote, Dennis Wardzala, Julien Becquer,Mikhail Kalinin, Andrei Sitari, Lyly Hoang, Eliot Pencil Bandit

Animation: Stephanie Mercier, Carlos Linares, Thomas Eide, Stefanos Chrysanthou, SofieKaas, Eduardo Vazquez, Mrunal Khairnar, Sergio Di Bitetto, Carys Feehan, Ian Chan, BeckyDeane, Rebecca Oddy

FX Animation: Tim Whiting, Kensei Thomas, George Johnson, Ninon Godet, Asis Merino, IanChan

Rigging: Plamen AnanievCompositing: Stefan Ahmad, Karl Fekete, John Wilkinson, Craig Maxwell

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