Commercials - Animation


Never Sit Still


Kandji is a modern, cloud-based platform offering powerful Apple device management and security tools for the needs of IT teams, with the elegant Apple experience users expect.

We worked closely with Kandji to develop a suite of assets for a campaign across the US, UK and Europe. The hero asset was an animation highlighting the key features of Kandji’s platform, in a sleek, contemporary style aligned with the Kandji brand.

Hyper-real 3D renders, slick typography and dynamic motion design make this an engaging and memorable piece. Sophisticated visual metaphors convey the complexity of Kandji's platform, whilst elevating it beyond marketing speak and technical jargon. The final result is an elegant and immersive viewing experience, solidifying Kandji as a market-leader in device management solutions.


Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Project Lead — John Grist
Design — John Grist, Ben Walker, Supriya Bhonsle
Animation — John Grist, Nancy Li, Supriya Bhonsle
Look Development — Craig Stubbs-Race, Nancy Li, Bruno Borio
Additional Development — Jesus Suarez, Gareth Chang, Daniel Meszaros
Producer — Darcy Green
Sound design — Smith & Western


Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift