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Mighty Nice


The brief was to represent a handful of middle aged tortoises who are gathered together for a birthday party. The setting needed to feel instantly recognisable as an Australian backyard. We loved the idea from the start. It called for lovable characters with a bit of maturity and playfulness, and a beautifully crafted set. The art direction appealed to us as well, as it aimed to replicate the iconic clay texture of a stop motion look. While this presented challenges creatively and technically, the final look was well worth the process.


Director: Gary Fouchy
Executive Creative Director: Darren Price
Head of Production: Tina Braham
Producer: Chloe Marshall
Head of Studio: Ben Seager
Storyboard/Animatic: Max Clifford
Designs: Georgia Kriss, Anthony Vivien
3D Lead: Mike Lomas
Layout/Animation: Duncan MacLaren
Animation: Ben Hubbard
Model/Surface: Lina Ngo, Tessa Eden, Trent Rogan, Ben Girdwood
Rig: Tessa Eden
Light/Render: Trent Rogan
Composite: Gary Fouchy, Chris Angelius, Fiona Lu

Client: Insuranceline
Agency: BMF