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Gamble Aware - Let's Open Up About Gambling

Mighty Nice


It’s always a creative and narrative challenge to find and respond to such authentic and personal stories as these. Each film needed to be a vehicle to convey the emotional state of the courageous individuals who volunteered their stories for this campaign. Our directors needed to find metaphors which didn’t directly reference gambling-related imagery, which could trigger our primary audience of this campaign.This forced us to dig deep to find the primary emotional core of each story which made for better films. By creating abstracted, animated vignettes it leaves space for viewers to interpret these stories on a personal level and hopefully provide that moment of connection for those that need it the most.


2D Animation Director: Alex Grigg
Head of Studio: Ben Seager
Executive Producer: Tina Braham
Producer: Diana Angelius
Storyboard Artist: Alex Grigg
Designers: Christoph Sarow, Laurie Rollitt
2D Animation: Jasmine Veljanovski, Sara Litzenberger, Duncan Gist, Darcy Woodbridge, Sean
Weston, Alea Trinajstic, Bonnie Taylor Forsyth
3D Animation: Billy Harrison
Composite: Mike Lomas
Sound: Bamm Bamm Wolfgang
Production Company: Nexus Studios
Director: Robertino Zambrano
Live Action Director: Katie Moriarty-Hopper