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Mighty Nice


We delivered three beautifully crafted 3D ads in a claymation style using a soft, rainbow pastel palette. We used a single camera to zoom through an abstract lilac space where clay balls rolled in to form a range of characters, ballot papers and props to help educate and inspire the voting process. The characters we designed represent a lovely cross section of Australian voting society; from farmers to doctors, tradies and the elderly. Everyone has a voice.


Director: Bonnie Forsyth, Gary Fouchy
Executive Creative Director: Darren Price
Head of Production: Tina Braham
Producer: Diana Angelius
Head of Studio: Jeremy Howdin
3D Lead: Ben Seager
Design: Pete McDonald, Darcy Woodbridge, Bonnie Forsyth  
Model/Surface: Andrew Silke, Michael Mascarenas, Lina Ngo, Cosmo Park, Guy Robinson
Rig: Miquel Campos
Layout: Duncan MacLaren, Jins M Jose, David Smith
Animation: Duncan MacLaren, David Smith, Cameron Tyler, Ben Hubbard, Helen Bucknall
2D Animation: Darcy Woodbridge, Kylie Sun
Light/Render: Serge Kovalenko, Trent Rogan, Billy Harrison
Props: Tessa Eden
Composite: Gary Fouchy, Oliver Faldo, Fiona Lu, Chris Charlton
Print: Alea Trinajstic

Client: Australian Electoral Commission
Agency: BMF