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Doodles - Stoodio Launch Film

Golden Wolf


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We had the pleasure of working with our fam at Doodles on this dynamic teaser trailer. Featuring Chief Brand Officer Pharrell Williams, the film launches the latest phase of the Doodles story: The Stoodio, the new home for the Doodles experience where anyone can build the Doodle of their dreams.

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Animation by Golden Wolf
Managing Director / Executive Producer: Dotti Sinnott
Creative Director: Sammy Moore
Head of Production: Heidi Stephenson
Creative Talent Director: Henry Purrington
Senior Producer: Rebekah Hamilton
Production Manager: Lucy Caetano
Production Coordinator: Dani Bordelon
Resource Coordinator: Bea Rodrigues

Art Director: Charles Bigeast
Animation Lead: Stephanie Mercier
Storyboard: Stephanie Mercier
Design: Sammy Moore, Cendan Claiborne, Eliot Lockwood, Thomas Eide, Nick Stoney, Alexander Hellebaut, Rachel Shin

Animation: Stephanie Mercier, Tim Whiting, Thomas Eide, Ian Chan, Eliot Lockwood, Paul Kartachov, Rory Byrne, Desi Garrido, Alfie Bogush

Compositing: Ian Pinder, Karl Fekete, Michael Müller, Paul Cheshire

Animation Clean Up: Pudoctopus Music: 4EVA - KaytrAminé featuring PharrellSound Design & Mix: Take Your Medicine

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