Centrum - The Chewables

Goodman Brothers


A cross media campaign for Centrum for their range of kids vitamin chewables. Goodman Brothers delivered on developing and integrating the four hero characters (Orange, Pineapple, Blueberry and Strawberry) into live action plates. Performances/audio stems were captured on the day, with matching clean plates for final shots. Characters were developed in Zbrush, with surfacing, rigging, animation, lighting and rendering in Maya and Redshift. Final integration was done in comp using Nuke, giving attention matching the intricacies of on set lighting, shifting focus and lens behaviour. Translating the actors nuanced performances over to characters with intrinsic restrictions (eg no necks, torso or waist) was a most welcome challenge, and paramount for doing justice to these fantastic comedic ads.


Elliot Goodman - VFX Supervisor / 3d / CompJoel Goodman - VFX Supervisor / 3d / CompTessa Eden - Rigging TDAndrew Kimberley - 3d Modelling / 3d AnimationPeter Savieri, Max Thompson, Martin deMontfort - Concept

Jesse James McElroy - DirectorAustin Studio - Prod CoCelia Nicholas - EP / ProducerRosie Parker - Post ProducerKieran Fowlers - DOPCharles Ivory - EditorAlina Bermingham - ColouristDavid Lee - SoundSonar - Sound and Music