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Big Bash League

Mighty Nice


The aim of the piece was to assault the viewers with colour and energy, while reminding them of the thrill of live sport. Our mission was to find a creative balance in a multimedia design that didn’t overwhelm but still smashed it for six. A narrative shown from the ball’s POV, we follow the ball from the bowler to the batsman, fly through the air, then into the crowd.


Post Production | Mighty Nice Crew
ECD: Darren Price
Animation Director - Mike Lomas
Head of Studio: Ben Seager
EP: Tina Braham
2D Animation: Alea Trinajstic, Darcy Woodbridge, Wendy Lu
3D Animation: Ben Seager, Trent Rogan
Composite: Jeremy Carlen, Mike Lomas
Production Company - Photoplay
Director - Melvin J. Montalban
Sound and Music - Rumble Studios