Commercials - Animation

Athena AcceleRates

Never Sit Still



Athena is a game-changing home loan provider whose aim is to free people from their mortgage handcuffs and help people to pay off their home loans faster.

Athena approached us to create a series of TVCs advertising the unique advantages of choosing Athena as the home loan provider for long term mortgages. In this spot, we were asked to explain Athena’s unique ‘AcceleRates’ offering.


We communicated the concept of AcceleRates through the use of a Rube Goldberg machine - conceptually linking it to the idea that the more equity you have toward a home loan, lower rates are applied automatically to a loan. The imagery of an hourglass filled with coins represents the saving of time and money, which is the result of Athena’s offering as a home loan provider.


Studio Director — Mike Tosetto
Creative Lead — John Grist
Concept & Design — John Grist, Bruno Borio
Look Dev — John Grist, Tim Clapham, Bruno Borio, Gareth Chang, Daniel Alvarez
3D Modeling & Animation — John Grist, Bruno Borio, Mike Tosetto, Gareth Chang, Daniel Alvarez


Adobe After Effects, Cinema 4D, Redshift