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ANZ Falcon



ANZ launched a new campaign via Special and PHD to educate customers about its advanced fraud protection technology ANZ Falcon.
Since the iconic ANZ Falcon campaign was first launched to the Australian market in 2006, fraud has evolved. And so too has ANZ Falcon technology – it now learns from ANZ customers to provide personalised fraud protection 24/7.

This is the focus of the new campaign, ‘DoppelFalcons’, which brings to life ANZ Falcon through lookalike falcons that help spot the difference between the customer and fraud.The campaign features customers as they interact with a range of banking products. All the while, their DoppelFalcons are keeping watch 24/7, collectively monitoring millions of transactions every day.


VFX Supervisor: Jay Hawkins
VFX Producer: Celeste Fairlie
Grade: Trish Cahill