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Alzheimer’s Research UK - The Smartest Thing

Blind Pig

Alzheimer’s Research UK’s hopeful new campaign is an ode to the brain, which, as actress, Shobna Gulati reminds us, ‘has masterminded everything we’ve ever known’. The charity is making huge breakthroughs towards a cure for dementia, and the film credits our brightest organ for this, rather than focusing on the impact of the disease on it. Blind Pig conceptualised just some of the brain’s biggest accomplishments - from architecture, to memories, to languages, before bringing them to life through animation using After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Animation Studio - Blind Pig
Creative Director / Animation Lead - Ric Comline
Design & Animation Development - Sean Cooper, Christine Peters
VFX Artist: Antonio Jimenez

Agency - Wonderhood Studios
Creative Director - Harv Bains
Chief Creative Officer - Aidan McClure
Director of Data Strategy - Jack Colchester
Chief Strategy Officer - Jess Lovell
Account Manager - Eddy Yan  Chief Operating Officer - Alex Best
Producer - Georgia Totvanian
Production - Absolute
Director - Jonas McQuiggin
Director of Photography - Ben Cotgrove
Shoot Producer - Louise Gray-Murray
Post Producer - Hannah Whitehill
Executive Producer - Jenna Le Noury
Post-Production - Absolute Post
Edit - Tom Boucher
Colour - Matt Turner
Audio - Absolute
Music Composition - Joe Worters
Sound Design - Joe Marsden


After Effects, Cinema 4D