Augmented Reality

Pepsi Max Summer AR

Unbound & The Live Agency


That’s the sound of summer.And this is the sound of Pepsi Max.In 2022 we set out to own the summer with Pepsi Max. Working with Pepsi’s global design team, 3x iconic Pepsi max pack designs featuring onomatopoeia sounds were rolled out across cans, bottles and cases, visually bringing to life the words – POP, AAAAH & WHOOOOSH.The brief and campaign objective was to run a Summer sales promotion to launch the new pack designs and increase sales uplift over the period by 5%. So instead of a standard promo we wanted to do something different – most promotions involve boring, simple online entry forms. So we set out to cut through the noise by creating an immersive entry experience allowing you to reveal your summer prize in immersive augmented reality – instantly! Consumers scanned the on-pack QR code and ‘placed’ a virtual can, bottle or case of Pepsi in front of them in AR. The product would open in AR with a POP, AAAAH & WHOOOOSH to reveal the prize. Each AR experience was tailored to the pack design in your hand, and for instant winners - a specifically tailored prize. We seeded the experience across retail, social and digital using dynamic animations from the AR experience, inviting consumers to purchase and scan - and scan they did. In just 70 days the results were:Over 1 million QR code scans and data captures A 98% scan-to-entry conversionA repeat purchase rate of 3x Smashed the 5% sales uplift target at 15%9 million IG/FB reach – 500k full social video play throughs 5 million TikTok reach16 million campaign YT viewsBut most importantly, 10,000 happy winners shared over $1 million dollars worth of prizes. Now that’s a happy summer!


Jon Evangelista Unbound - Adrian Vaughn

Unbound - Creative & Design Lead: Josh ParisiUnbound - Project Lead: Nathan TrevarthenUnbound - UX: Jingxuan CaoUnbound - Technical Lead: Jimmie FribergUnbound - AR Dev: Ben CarrUnbound - AR Dev: Zan SavicUnbound - Managing Partner - David LoughnanBen Ferns - AR DevLive Agency - Creative Partner: Tim RozeaLive Agency - Art Director: Curtis HayneLive Agency - GM: Matt Lloyd-DaviesLive Agency - Account Service Lead: Riannan ArundellPepsi Max - Marketing Director: Tracy HardwickPepsi Max - Marketing Manager: Tiana Handel / Jamie BrucePepsi Max - Brand Manager: Candy Wong


Blender, 3DS Max, After Effects, Playcanvas, Three.js