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Google Cloud

Google Cloud levels the playing field in media and entertainment, providing creative professionals with resources previously available only to the largest broadcast and media companies. We've recently announced new lower prices for GPUs and preemptible Local SSDs, per-second billing, VRay GPU rendering and CaraVR support on Zync Render!

Cloud economics: Scale to hundreds of thousands of cores on-demand, paying per-second only for what you render on your most ambitious visual effects and graphics rendering projects.

Render on Google Infrastructure: Leverage Google infrastructure to build out your cloud render farm.

Zync Cloud-Native Rendering: Designed for small to medium-sized studios, Zync Render allows artists to use the tools and renderers they already know with integrated licensing, billing, and full visibility into the rendering pipeline while offering over 30,000 cores per account billed on a per second basis.

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Google Cloud's suite of media and entertainment offerings is expansive – from content ingestion and creation to graphics rendering to distribution. Combined with our online video platform Anvato, core infrastructure offerings around compute, GPU and storage & archival, cutting-edge machine learning and Hollywood studio-specific security engagements, Google Cloud provides comprehensive and end-to-end solutions for creative professionals to build media solutions of their choosing.

To learn more about Google Cloud in the media and entertainment field, visit our Google Cloud Media Solutions page. And to experience the power of GCP for yourself, sign up for a free trial today and get $300 in credits.

If you'd like a further conversation or more information, contact Sara Djelassi, based in Sydney,

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