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Undergrowth, Poke The Bear Animation


After thwarting a terrorist threat at an Australia Day celebration, KYLE begins to uncover evidence of a government conspiracy regarding a classified post-human program and the origin of super-powers in Australia. Then, while confronting the ultra-nationalist terrorist known as SAMSON, Kyle discovers more about the mysterious death of his father, the original ZERO-POINT. VFX Crew Mark Russell
Neeshma Sadanandhan
Stephanie Skinner
Eric Terlato
Pia Salenga
Evan Newby
Rey Castillo
Jonathon Saunders Director - Jonathon Saunders
Producers - Timothy Parish, Meredith Garlick
Animation Director - Guy Jamieson
Co Producer - Guy Jamieson
3D - Roy Rooney, Guy Jamieson
Background Artists - Alice Wang, Karina Bodnaruk, David ‘Dub’ Leffler
Cleanup Artists - Sean Mundy, Tetiana Ternova, Silvio Emery, Jennifer Quach, William Maldonado, Adin Milostnik
Titles & Credits - Jason Morice
Sound Post Production - Windmill Audio
Music - Thomas 'Soup' Campbell