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Toyota New Zealand wanted to launch the Toyota Drive Happy Project to transform the way New Zealanders buy and own a new car. The project pioneers a new way of doing business with private and business customers and is part of the changing face of mobility worldwide. Toyota needed a campaign to bring the Toyota Drive Happy Project to life, personifying the five key new car buying "bothers" Toyota is looking to change.

Toyota-commissioned research identified the likes and dislikes about the current buying experience. The top five "bothers" according to the surveyed New Zealanders were - haggling over price, hard sell from salespeople, the time involved in customisation, the test drive experience and buyer's remorse. Each of these "bothers" has been brought to life as an animated character, created by our artists.

Our team helped design and build these characters based on the initial brief. Weird and wonderful is a great way to represent the idea, and we relished the challenge. Our team worked closely to the concepts using a variety of techniques to capture the personality of each character. We used our in house motion capture system with additional keyframe animation to bring them to life. Fur grooming and fur simulation were another part of the process that really helped with the look. We were able to deal with some late iterations in the design of one of the characters while still keeping the whole process moving. We were able to manage five characters in a relatively tight turnaround.
Alt.vfx VFX Supervisor Colin Renshaw
Alt.vfx VFX Producer Celeste Fairlie
Alt.vfx Character Design Max Kostenko
Alt.vfx Modelling Nathan Rule
Alt.vfx Rigging Jordan McInnes
Alt.vfx FX Nick Angus
Alt.vfx Lead Compositor Matt Chanc