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Dans Digital

This brand promotional film is made for TIANAN CYBER PARK·T5, a large scale Innovational industrial park.
The director designed an air island floating in the sky, and the property is right there standing on the air island, which looks like a Castle in The Sky”. Regardless of difficulties and the heavy cloud, the sky town went through the mighty storm and moved on all the way forward, finally it embraced with the splendid sunrise. The moral of the story is to introduce that, this industrial park forges ahead while cradling the dreams of the entrepreneurs. It's fearless of dangers and difficulties while marching forward courageously. It showed the great determination and boldness of the property, resolving to fulfill the entrepreneur's great dreams.
This film creates a magnificent atmosphere that the sky castle break through the furious storm by using color and ray of lights cleverly, and by successfully combining appropriate music atmosphere. Post Production: Guanghao Xu

Editor: Yuping Duan
Layout: Hongming Xiang
Visual Effect: Jinliang Jiang
Photographer: Bo Yang
Photographer: Minsheng Lin
Layout: Yan Li
Post Production: Zhiqiang Chen
Layout: Quan Li
Layout: Haixiang Hong
Layout: Mingda Guan
Post Production: Hui Yang
Assistant Editor: Jiahuan Wan
Visual Effect: Quan Jiang
Assistant Camera: Jujun Zhang
Layout: Junfeng Zheng
Assistant Camera: Zhichen Tang

Director: Bohong Deng
Executive Producer: Cuimin Zhou
Executive Producer: Yan Jiang
Technical Support: Guibing Xu