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A Stark Production (In association with DHX)

Catatumbo Bay is the site of a lightning storm that has been raging for hundreds of years—an amazing natural phenomena. But Nereus comes to the Nektons with news that the Catatumbo storm is growing in intensity and becoming more dangerous. As the Aronnax examines the waters underneath the storm, they’re struck by lightning that comes up from below—from the seabed itself! With no power, the Aronnax starts sinking fast. As the Nektons try to save it, they realise that the lightning is being generated by a huge, football field-sized electric ray on the seafloor—a Monumential that’s been sleeping for eons! If it awakens, it will cause destruction on a vast scale. 

Series Animation Lead - Shawn Gulley, Lead Animator - Terry Liang, Lead VFX Artist - Madhava Rao Bheesetti