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In The Thicket

Using supplied audio interviews with the Head of Contemporary Music, we crafted a compelling, narrative based stop-motion animated film on a minuscule budget. Knowing that the budget challenges meant that we wouldn’t be able to create the entire film in-camera, we set up the paper craft world early and built the more complex scenes digitally, such as the shoes walking through the crowd, the nightclub exterior, Etihad plane, Sydney Opera House and the concert scene at the end. The film reached a substantial number of views across social media platforms. It has also been featured on respected design and animation blogs iDN World, Aescripts and The Loop.

Director - Peter Nizic , Executive Producer - Stephan Renard Producer - Sharon Lim Cinematography - Ben Lindberg, Stop-motion animation - Peter Nizic, Props - Peter Nizic, Terrence O'Brien, Kavi Jarrot, Antony Miller, Ailisha Sabalburo, Seth Laster, Stephen Favaloro, Dani Martin, Stephan Renard,  3d Modelling and animation - Seth Laster and Ailisha Sabalburo, 3d Lighting and Rendering - Dylan Neill Edit and Compositing - Peter Nizic Rotoscoping - Terrence O'Brien Storyboards and animatic - Melanie Shin Music Edit - Peter Nizic, Sound design & mix - Todd Falusi Sound Reservoir, Sydney