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Eye Candy Animation

'Spiders' is a highly successful joint exhibition between Questacon and the Australian Museum. Eye Candy produced a swag of Augmented Reality Experiences, Exhibition Interactives, Projection and the Television Commercial for the original exhibition and have now contributed extended and additional products for the Australian Museum version, the Domestically Travelling and now the Internationally Travelling version.

Eye Candy developed promotional Augmented Reality activations which appear in building posters, street banners and magazine advertising at each location prior to and during the exhibitions.

Eye Candy developed Public Space Augmented Reality Markers which execute giant pavement spiders.

Eye Candy developed two large scale Augmented Reality experiences for the exterior of the Questacon building. The first allowed users to dance with a giant Peacock Spider, while the second featured a Spider which intently followed the user's every move.

'Hold a Spiders' is an in-exhibition interactive which allows through Augmented Reality, visitors to hold a series of life-like and scientifically accurate Spiders.

Eye Candy also developed an Augmented Reality 'Pet Peacock Spider'. The Pet Spider was developed as a take home extension of the exhibition and provided the museums with an additional revenue stream and audience and analytics connection. The pet spider plays soccer, catch with a beach ball and can be fed bug treats. The experience also allows the user to pop the Spider into a virtual matchbox for markerless play.

For every version of the Spiders Exhibition Eye Candy employed highly creative and technically advanced repurposing to maximize the success of the Augmented Reality experiences. This also delivered the best possible economic outcomes for Questacon and the Museums.

All the products Eye Candy produced for the Spiders exhibitions have proven to be robust, highly successful and well received.

Matt Dudgeon - Production Manager

Rachael Johnson - Creative Direction

Damian Stocks - Technical Direction

3DS Max, Unity