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A Moon For All Mankind is the world's first lunar gravity simulation VR experience. Engineering experts Mannetron partnered with Framestore to build the unique simulator rig, developed in consultation with NASA, from whose existing training facilities the technology takes its cues.

The work aims to bring a moon-landing experience to people around the globe, in the approach to the 50 year anniversary of the first lunar landing. In a fully immersive setting, visitors are invited to don a custom-designed spacesuit before attending a mission briefing prefacing Framestore’s virtual reality content experience. The first mission, which showcased on pre-release at the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, allows the user to get to grips with Moon terrain, stepping out of the spacecraft to plant a flag, and experiencing the perils of a meteor shower. The content involved heavy asset build, and smart narrative creation to span the 3D and 4D realms. Further content for the experience will evolve over 2018.

"Karl Woolley : Head of VR
Heather Kinal: Executive Producer Immersive Entertainment
Jonathan Forder: Lead Developer Hardware Integration
Alex Perry: Lead Developer Content
Taylor Kennard: VR Producer
Makoto Tanaka: Lead Tech Artist
Taekyu Yang: Lead CG Artist
Richard Fish: Lead Production Technology
Thor Bunting: Developer
William Arterton: Tech Artist
" Samsung Electronics
Younghee Lee: Client Lead
John (Chang Young) Kim: Client Lead
Zach Overton (US): Client Lead
Moses Choi: Client Lead
Stanley (Yongho) Han: Client Lead
Yvonne Ng (US): Client Lead

Jeremy Cochran: Client Governance
Grant Hunter: Creative Direction
Jordan Harper: Project Governance
Stuart McKenna: Project Lead
Rob Leeks: Creative Lead
Joel Lim: Creative Lead
Fraser Thomson: Account Lead
Chloe Aldridge: Event Production Lead
Alexis Garcia: Integrated Production Lead

Justine (Eun-Sook) Koh: Project governance

Peter Jungen: Lead Hardware Engineer
Jason Fox: Lead Software & Project Manager

Steve Lane: Technical Lead Sound Engineer
Mirren Malcolm-Neale: Audio Developer