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PLASMA REFLECTION Interactive, generative installation - Pompidou Centre Paris
Plasma Reflection is a generative artwork that makes it possible for visitors to see themselves reflected in Plasma, the fourth state of matter. It is conceived as a distorting mirror , that transforms the matter of those it reflects into Plasma
Simulation of fluids in real time makes it possible for participating spectators to interact directly by moving their bodies. Silhouettes diffuse in the space and are subjected to turbulences generated by the magnetic field.
When you stand in front of Plasma Reflection, you see yourself reflected in Plasma. You make the colour vary as you move closer or farther away. When you move your hands, you generate kinetic and magnetic forces that move the Plasma and provoke turbulences. Plasma is unstable. Brusque movements create disturbances and the reconnection of the magnetic field.
Plasma Reflection lives with the people who interact with it. Mutation is constant. Aspects change depending on the position of the movements reflected in it.

Designed by Danny Rose Studio: Sergio Carrubba, Paola Ciucci,Cédric Péri, Lucia Frigola
Visual artist, animator:Cédric Péri
Original soundscape by Emanuele De Raymondi
Soundscape design and development by Jacopo Carreras
Scientific coordination Sorbonne University: Andrea Ciardi
"Plasma Reflection" is realised in collaboration with PLAS@PAR Labex, Sorbonne University's cluster of excellence focused on Plasma Physics, in partnership with Centre Pompidou Paris