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Mighty Nice


The TVC begins with a middle-aged, healthy couple traversing a grim city. Luckily, they are not easily swayed by the dodgy deals and overbearing signage in these dire streets, and look further afield to find themselves on an orange brick road, but where does it lead?

From darkness, to light. They step out from the shadows and find a wonderfully vibrant, bustling world. A new promised land.

Viewers will feel like Dorothy when she steps into Oz. The Ethical Nutrient land – bright, lush, hopeful – is a breath of fresh air in this bustling, tech-heavy world. Director
Darren Price

Creative Director
Softly Dunstan

James Gilleard
Jason Pamment

Model / Surface
Akhil Mittal (lead)
Greg Petchkovsky
Tristan Lock
Tessa Eden
Trent Rogan

Michael Tebble

Duncan MacLaren

Practical Models
Yippee Ki Yay

Director of Photography
Simon Higgins

White Chocolate

Rowan Karrer (lead)
Rebecca Selmes
Trent Rogan

Motion Graphics
Gareth Chang
Federico Martinez

Vincent E Sousa (lead)
Kallie Ennever
Daniel Alvarez

Head of Studio
Jeremy Howdin

Senior Producer
Tina Braham

Junior Producer
Diana Angelius