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Framestore worked with Rattling Stick, MarkenFilm GmbH, and creative agency Antoni, to deliver the VFX-laden campaign 'King of the City Jungleâ' for the new Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Combining an unorthodox pairing of alpha businessman and jungle giant, Framestore's skilled 3D artists crafted an astonishingly believable hybrid character for the piece.

VFX Supervisor, CG Lead (Framestore): Simon French
On Set Supervisor, 2D Lead: Leonardo Costa
Head of Production, Executive Producer: Helen Hughes
Senior Producer: Josh King
Line Producer: Alexia Paterson
Modelling/Texturing: Adam Burnett, Steffan Brown, Bruno Coimbra
Rigging: Greg Martin
Head of Animation, Supervisor: Ross Burgess
Animators: Steve Townrow, Joseph Kane, Chris Page
Groom: Gabriela Salmeron, Simon French
Technical Directors: Mathias Cadyck, Andy Nicholas, Charlie Bayliss, Tim Jenkinson, Oz Dolphin
Executive Creative Director: William Bartlett
Nuke: Viral Patel, Saruta Pisanwalerd, Sherrine Byfield, Euna Kho, Mike Simons, Matthew Thomas
Paint & Roto: Christian Baker, Reece McFarlane
Matte Painting: Kane Herd

Managing Director: Andre Kemper
Creative Director: Marcell Franke
Production Company: Rattling Stick & MarkenFilm GmbH
Director: Daniel Kleinman
Director of Photography: Franz Lustig
Producer: Johnnie Frankel (rattling Stick), Marc Strass (MarkenFilm GmbH)
Producer Assistant: Greta Müller (MarkenFilm GmbH)
Production Manager: Charlotte Jones
1st Assistant Director: Sean Cotter
Production Designer:John Ebden
Digital Artist: Simon Allen, Asylum SFX