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Cutting Edge

Harrow is a ten-part television series that shares the story of Dr. Daniel Harrow, a brilliant forensic pathologist with a disregard for authority and an unfailing empathy for the dead. His left-of-field approach to solving crimes is exactly the approach the series producers wanted in the design of their title sequence, hence the unorthodox two-colour, 2D animation style.

From the opening shot of skeletal remains sinking in the river, to the final dripping 40s-style logotype title, the clues to Harrow’s character are revealed in a sequence of fluctuating images leading seamlessly from one attribute to the next.

Whether it be a reflection of the struggle between the two sides of the protagonist’s character - the light and the dark - or the effort to keep his head above water, the constant fluid transitions and buoyancy of the camera are indicative of the water theme prevalent throughout the animation.

The sequence was animated in C4D and composited in After Effects with a treatment applied to create the appearance of traditional 2D animation.

VFX Crew Animators

Opening Titles Creative Director    Zenon Kohler
Opening Titles Animators    Victor Bandeira
Matt Crump
Amy Wheelhouse
Egan Wesener
Opening Titles Producer
    Kristie Godden

Other Crew           
Post Production House    Cutting Edge
Head of Post Production    Marcus Bolton
Post Facility Producer    Sally Wortley       
Post Facility Coordinator    Ainsley Pettitt       
Colourist    Justin McDonald       
Online Editor    Christian Alcock
Media & Deliverables Operator    Patrick Buckley
Dailies Operator    Grant Dawson
QC Report    John Warneke    

C4D, After Effects