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Happy to be back in Gunn's wacky universe, Framestore collaborated with VFX Supervisor Christopher Townsend to deliver over 620 shots ranging from creature work, spaceships, 'the best opening sequence in the world' (as dictated in the script) and an exhilarating space chase across the Galaxies.

Jonathan Fawkner - VFX Supervisor
Patric Roos - VFX Supervisor*
Sylvain Degrotte - CG Supervisor
Andy Walker - CG Supervisor**
Theo Jones - CG Supervisor**
Robert Allman - CG Supervisor**
Arslan Elver - Animation Lead
James Whitlam - Executive Producer
Sophie Carroll - Producer
Martina Chakarova - Producer

Chris Cook - Modelling Lead
Martin Hession - Texture Lead
Jerome Martinez - Environments Lead
Tom Ferstl - Rigging Lead
Stefan Ash - Tracking Lead
Liam Russell - Animation Lead (Eclector and Ayesha's Lair sequences)
Alvise Avati - Animation Lead (Groot Dance Sequence)
Alessandro Ciucci - Animation Lead (Space Chase sequences)
Johannes Richter - FX Lead
Paul Jones and Anand Balasubramaniam - Creature Effects Leads
Jason Baker - Look Development Lead
Samir Ansari - Lighting Lead (Eclector, Groot Dance and Ayesha's Lair sequences)
Simon Brown - Lighting Lead (Space Chase/Drag Sequences)
Mathew Crisp & Chris Berry - Paint Roto leads
Tomas Lefebvre - Comp Lead (Space Chase Sequence)
Adam Parker - Comp Lead (Eclector sequences)
Giacomo Bargellesi Severi - Comp Lead (Grood Dance Sequence)
Julien Rousseau - Comp Lead (Pilot Bay environment)
Cameron Smither - Comp Lead (Ayesha's Lair and Space Chase Drag sequence)

Director: James Gunn
Overall VFX Supverisor: Chris Townsend