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The 7th season of 'Game of Thrones' required Screen Scene VFX to work on over 250 VFX shots. The bulk of the work was on the epic Loot Train attack sequence in episode 4, 'The Spoils of War'. SSVFX augmented mass fire FX, ash and embers, blood and gore and various weapon extensions into the scene, transforming it into a horrific inferno of death.

Screen Scene Post Production

Ed Bruce
Eric Kohler
Nicholas Murphy
Laura Murphy
Andrew Rea
Mike Boden
Eoin Mahon
Denis Cahill
Amrei Bronnenmayer
Attila Gall
Ciaran Neachtain
Darragh Duffy
David Singer
David Thomas
Ivan Sorgente
Jamie Jackson
John O'Connell
Joy McKeon
Keith Clinton
Kev Ryan
Krzysztof Fendryk
Leona Helly
Leo Regeard
Ronan Gantly
Shane Browne
Stan Kolev
Stefano Rolando
Vadim Draempaehl
Yanko Slavov
Yavor Asenov
Sarah Downey

Nuke, 3ds Max