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Two of the NBA's biggest stars have been given the pop art treatment in a fun series of game promos from ESPN. The Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry and the Los Angeles Lakers' Lonzo Ball are the subjects in a campaign leveraging a look the network initially developed for its social platforms.

To realize its vision and bring that concept to broadcast, ESPN called on collaborative partner, 2C Creative, with the goal of building visually provocative and stunning spots around actual media quotes about the two NBA point guards. The spots needed to be fun, playful and visually push the limits of sports promos.

'In asking us to help realize their vision, ESPN removed many of the parameters we often have with on-air spots and told us to think differently and think big,” explained Marni Wagner, 2C's Creative Director. Yet, even with so much latitude to push the limits of what had been done traditionally, our collaborative brainstorming sessions with the network and our graphic designers were crucial in honing in on just the right feel.

To accomplish this, 2C played with non-traditional music, fun colors and textures, and found imagery that reinforced the messaging, though sometimes more abstractly. The creative agency also steered away from the classically polished broadcast spot, opting to give the animation a grittier pop-art feel that’s typically reserved for online promotion and rarely seen on-air. The combination of all these elements created dynamically bold spots that have set a look and feel for future ESPN projects. Project Credits:

2C Creative

VP, Brand Strategy and Executive Creative Director: Jeff Gonyo
Senior Creative Director: Ryan Campbell
Senior Creative Director: Chris McClure
Senior Writer Producer: Geoff Bird
VP, Sports Management: Seth Ader
Senior Director, Marketing: Mike Kopech
Manager, Marketing: Pat Butkus

Chief Creative Officer: Chris Sloan
Creative Director: Marni Wagner
GM, Senior Director of Operations: Nikki Coloma
Lead Designer: Aaron Magee
Lead Editor: Jesus Martinez
Assistant Editor: Williams Naranjo
Executive Producer, Graphics: Bob Cobb
Audio Engineer: Cesar Haliwa
Audio Engineer: Daniel Abrusci

Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere