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Spinifex Group

As part of Elton John's final tour launch event, Spinifex designed a VR experience that would connect Elton’s past with his future. The immersive VR film takes the audience on a journey through time and space. Faithfully recreating some of Elton’s most iconic performances and memorable achievements. Using cutting edge motion capture and visual effects techniques to enable the audience to go inside Elton’s world and experience these moments like they were actually there. All delivered in beautifully crafted stereo 360 VR experience.<br />

Ben Alpass, Aaron Kaminar, Kirk Cadrette, Tristan Maduro, Fred Ross, Thomas Pullar, Stephen Morton, Steve Verne, Chris Sayres , Kasey Allen, John Federico, Roy Christian, Shanu Shukla, Will Skinner, Duncan Dix

Look back on the legacy of Elton's iconic career for "Farewell Yellow Brick Road", his last ever tour. Supported by YouTube, for the best viewing experience watch with your phone, Google Cardboard or Google Daydream for VR360. On Apple mobile / Safari, 360 video is best viewed through the YouTube App. Get Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour tickets at:

VR360 instructions: