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Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge journey with Borobi began two and a half years before the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. The design and animation team were tasked with developing the mascot for use in 3D animation, 2D artwork and as a fully-functional costume with the ability to jump, dance and even surf. The final character had to be marketable and merchandisable, whilst embodying the spirit of the Games.

Over 134 Borobi assets were delivered comprising animation and stills. These included, but were not limited to, in-venue screen presentations, social media communication, official GC2018 app promotion and spectator messaging.

All sequences were animated in Maya and V-Ray rendered. After Effects was used for all compositing and motion graphics.

Now that the Games have concluded, Borobi is a proven fan favourite. His iconic signature poses were developed into a range of merchandise including, stamps, coins, plush toys, and wearables. All 90,000 of the bright blue plush toys were sold out before the end of the Games – raking in millions in revenue.

VFX Crew Animators
Creative Director    Zenon Kohler
Animation Director    Ian Anderson
    Ian Anderson
Lead 3D    Matt Dye
Lead Motion Graphics & Compositor    Victor Bandeira

Model & Rig    Andrew Kimberley
Ahmed Nashabe
Alistair Ferguson
Senior Animator    Andrew Kimberley
Matt Dye
Sarah Collier
Animators    Brendan Jacquin
3D Artists    Matt Crump
Rob Conn
Phil Jackson
2D Artists    Ross McPherson
Amy Wheelhouse
Jasper St Aubyn West       

Other Crew           
Post Production House    Cutting Edge
Executive Producer    Trelise Blade
Post Facility Producer    Jessica Vines
Flavia Riley
Sarah Burton       
Sound Design    Mike Lange
Heath Plumb
Michael Thomas    

Maya, V-Ray, After Effects