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Dans Digital

This film is made for audio-visual elevators of China International Consumer Electronics Exhibition / Exchange Center. The five glass panels of the elevators are specially designed to display this video. The video simulates a mining planet in outer space. As the elevator goes up, the five glass panels showed the scenery outside the ascending spaceship. When the elevator rises to the top, the spaceship in the video arrived at its destination at the same time. People will feel they are immersed in a spaceship capsule.

Post Production: Guanghao Xu
Editor: Yuping Duan
Visual Effect: Jinliang Jiang
Layout: Yan Li
Layout: Bo Yang
Layout: Hongming Xiang
Layout: Minsheng Lin
Layout: Zhiqiang Chen
Visual Effect: Quan Li
Visual Effect: Quan Jiang
Layout: Jujun Zhang
Layout: Junwen Xu
Layout: Chao He
Layout: Weicheng Zheng
Layout: Mini Chen
Assistant Editor: Jie Yu

Director: Bohong Deng
Executive Producer: Cuimin Zhou
Executive Producer: Yan Jiang
Technical Support: Guibing Xu
Production Assistant: Yucheng Chen
Production Assistant: Liling Gao
Production Assistant: Haijiao Bao