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Bent Image Lab

The second chapter in the 'Captor' stop-motion video series for post-hardcore legends, At The Drive-In, 'Call Broken Arrow' is a dystopian sci-fi fever dream. Challenging the typical third person perspective, half of the story is told through the lens of surveillance footage, with the order of shots rearranged three times to depict a different version of events with every new arrangement. Like the lyrical style of the band, the storytelling in the video is a mystery with continuous questions rather than concrete answers, leaving the audience to wonder if there’s more to follow.

Javan Ivey, Erik Hoofnagle, Rob Shaw
Director: Rob Shaw
Artistic direction: Greg Arden
Animation: Javan Ivey, Erik Hoofnagle
Camera: Jim Birkett
Compositing: Rob Shaw
Music: At the Drive In
Editing: Rob Shaw

Dragonframe, After Effects, Premier