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Studio Hackett

Sydney Opera House smashed the patriarchy in 2018 with their new event ‘All About Women’. We were thrilled to create 3 x 90 second animated videos on the 3 (maybe 4?!) waves of Modern Western Feminism. The videos are hard-hitting, fact-smacking lessons in feminist history – how we got to this point in history and questioning where we are going now.

Animators: Nicolette Axiak, Supriya Bhonsle, Doug Bayne, Ben Walker, Shara Parsons, Bryn Desmond Jones.
Other Crew: Executive Producers - Edwina Throsby & Susie Anderson. Writer - Jane Schneider. Director - James Hackett. Producer - Naomi Young. Sound Design - Gary Sinclair (Tactile Music). Audio Track - “It’s Not About You” Haiku Hands.

Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects & Premiere