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The 9th Toyota Dream Car Art Contest Video

Playful children let their imagination run free and visualize the car of their dreams. Watch them bringing their incredible and marvellous cars to life in this video. They will inspire other children to draw their own dream car.

The Dream Car Art Contest promotion video seeks to encourage children to let their imagination run free and visualize the car of their dreams.
We open on a boy's POV as he puts on his sports shoes in a park.
As he picks up the shoe he pauses for a moment and tugs on the shoelace. The shoe transforms into an amazing jet shoe. A jet turbine extends out from the heel and cool metal wings slide out from the front. From this moment, we realize we are experiencing the world through the view of a child, the next generation of great inventors, thinkers and dreamers.

We follow children from difference age groups, in situations where they are free to explore their own dreams and imaginations, and experience their delight when their incredible and marvelous cars come to life.
An old scrap of garbage transforms an amazing machine that cleans rubbish and converts it into trees, and the sound of the crashing waves gives idea to power an underwater vehicle. Catch a glimpse of how our newest generation is viewing the world of tomorrow.

Rotor Studios