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Nick Constandy
School of Visual Arts - New York City

Ryan, a teenage boy lives his life alone on the destroyed Earth. He wanders from place to place, searching for water, shelter, and food. He carries a picture with him of his family at the beach: a memory that he wishes he could relive over and over again. He eventually finds himself at the top of the dunes looking over the destroyed beach where him and his family used to spend their summers.

Director: Nick Constandy
Cast: Ryan Koeberl, Paul Warner
Sound Mix: Ryan Saxe, Paul Warner, Nick Constandy
Tracking: Mike Villegas, Nick Constandy
Sound Design: Ryan Saxe
ICE - Ambient Reflective (First Song)
Composer: Cinema Sonix (NCB )
Publisher(s): Cinema Sonix (STIM/NCB) - 100%
Cinematic reflective piano long: Slow peaceful piano (Second Song)
Composer: Stephan Lindsjo (Other )
Publisher(s): Twin Light Music Publishing (ASCAP) - 100%