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Tpajukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, 360 Theater Experience.

Dusk was engaged to create the visual content to tell the creation story of the Djabugay people. This was to be projected in a new theater with 360-degree screens, including the floor and also involving live performers interacting with the animations.

To achieve a modern approach we referenced the traditional art work form the Djabugay people. We then work out a technique that introduced modern effects too it, rather than remove it completely. The client and Tpjaukai representatives where extremely happy with the approach we took. As a team we all understood the extreme importance that we spent a lot of time researching and talking to the right people to make sure we respect the traditional culture. We made sure we carried this out both in the creative approach and the way we told the story as artists.

Technically we also had make sure that the visuals work seamlessly with the performers on the stage as well as making sure the audience had a immersive and stunning experience.

The end result has been a huge success and positive reviews from all the stakeholders and the audience.