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Dell 'Beat Again'

In an effort to promote its technology solutions for the enterprise space, Dell partnered with Framestore's New York team and Smuggler's Samir Mallal to create 'Beat Again,' which shows how technology helps a little girl in need of a heart transplant.

Dell shares a glimpse of a future where you can measure vital signs and guage someone's health just by looking at them in this television spot when a mom is awakened by an alert on her tablet. She wakes up her daughter for a journey to the hospital and along the way, technology assists them - from a wristband monitoring the girl's health to secure cloud services that store her genetic data to help find a perfect donor match.

Framestore were brought in from the start to design and animate unique user interfaces for a range of gadgets that are featured in the ad. From touch screens to holograms and projections, the crew were tasked with creating futuristic but believable UX’s.

The animation department decided to adopt a hand and cell animation technique in an effort to add a unique and personal touch to the spot.

The commercial also features a high tech pair of glasses that project a hologram of a human heart for a surgeon to refer to whilst operating. Created entirely in CG, the key challenge for the team was to create a heart that looked real, but not grotesque.