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Left Unfinished - TAC

Augmented Reality

Left Unfinished - TAC



Nobody expects to die or be seriously injured on our roads. People tend to overlook road safety messages assuming they apply to others, not themselves. Together with the TAC, Taboo and Road Trauma Services Victoria, we created an interactive AR-enabled gallery experience that showcased seven seemingly ordinary items from seven lives that were forever changed by the road. The personal items together with their accompanying stories were displayed at the Melbourne Museum before touring the state.

To amplify the campaign beyond the physical exhibition we re-created the gallery experience using web-based augmented reality, transforming everyday lounge rooms around Australia into personalised, immersive exhibition spaces. Like a museum, the objective was to allow users to explore at their own pace. Seven plinths housing the personal artefacts were spawned in front of the user using web-based SLAM technology. Utilising spatial audio, a virtual narrator told each story as the user moved between the plinths.

Custom proximity and gaze-based navigation triggered the stories relevant to the user’s position without requiring touch-based navigation. The personal items were digitised using custom built photogrammetry techniques, resulting in models that were as authentic as their real counterparts.

Highly technical lighting techniques were implemented by baking multiple photorealistic path-traced light sources, all blended and computed at runtime. In addition, logic was integrated to adjust the height of the plinths based on the distance of the smartphone from the ground.Through the power of augmented reality and these seven seemingly ordinary items, we delivered deeply personal stories that made the tragic realities of road trauma tangible, demonstrating just how vulnerable we all are on the roads.


Erik Bernacchi
Mark Arrebola
David Loughnan
Dominique Cama
Josh Parisi
Jimmie Friberg
Ben Carr
Zam Savic