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Billy Blue - Start Your Adventure

Augmented Reality

Billy Blue - Start Your Adventure



Choosing a course to study after year 12 is hard. The last thing students want is a 150 page PDF course guide to scroll through, which is exactly what every university in the country gives them, including Billy Blue. A deep-dive CX assessment unearthed critical insights into our target audience and informed our strategy on how best to reach and persuade them. Key outtakes were:- 43% of high school students don’t know what they want to study when they leave school- Future creatives want us to show, not tell - they want snackable visual content- They are outcome focussed i.e.”If I study X, what will I be creating or achieving?”- The ultimate source of inspiration is from ‘people like me’ - real peers, not the typical ‘influencer’Plus, Gen-Z has an attention span of 8 seconds so the challenge was to reach them on their terms.

The solution was to steal prospective student’s attention by creating a cutting-edge webAR experience containing a series of abstract worlds that represented the new Design and Technology courses on offer from Billy Blue. Each world showcased real student's work and iconic industry cues, and contained a call to action for students to enrol.

Awareness of the webAR experience was activated by:- TikTok paid advertising (paid ran for 2 weeks, organic is still live)- 7 micro-influencers- OOH media (6 weeks across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane)- On-campus experiential activations- A dedicated microsite- Using the Billy Blue course guide cover as an image marker to trigger the experience.

Results:- Over 30,000 unique AR sessions (6 times the average amount of PDF course guide downloads we receive in the same period)- 50 million views and 13 million likes on TikTok (an Australian Tik Tok ad record)- 109% of enrolment target achieved- Resulted in 20% year-on-year growth


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