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Nearmap + Navig8



Vandal helps take Nearmap's NAVIG8 2020 conference virtual.
In a continuation of our collaboration on Landscapism with the global aerial image pioneers Nearmap,

Vandal has created high-end content for their 2020 cornerstone think tank event, NAVIG8. This year the
event went virtual enabling a larger global audience to engage with their innovations.
2020’s theme of 'The truth is in the detail’ informed our design direction and sound scape. We created a
unique graphic language that continually drills down through specific locations over time, the sequences
organically build the powerful story of 2020 and how we as humans have been adapting.

Both vandal’s pieces integrate amazing 2D and 3D imagery while heroing Nearmap's A.I. technology,
serving stunning rich data seamlessly to clients.

Working extremely closely with Nearmap on the narrative insured the curatorial process was most
effective and involved a truly global collaboration.
It was inspirational teaming up with such passionate clients, who’s content is equally beautiful as it is
valuable and informative.



Creative Director: Richard Swan

Executive Producer: Cyril De Baecque

Producer: Michaela Fenton

Motion Lead: Darrin Hanley

Motion Designer: Pete Mizic

Sound Design: Nigel Crowley

Other Crew:


Global Head of Brand & Content: Claudine Pache

Global Head of Contact: Nicole Manktelow