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Say Goodbye to 2020 and find Joy in a new start.

#MOVEOVER2020 // It's Time to Find Joy.

This Spring LIGHT ARC returned for ‘FIND JOY’’ at The Galeries. We have been through a lot this year,

and looking forward to it ending so JOY-N us in center and say goodbye to 2020... we wanna see this

year out the door. The iconic Light Arc spread joy in luminous hot pink and hidden J-O-Y alongside

appropriate 2020 statements glowing in neon throughout the space.

Commissioned by Vicinity Centres for @thegaleries in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, LIGHT ARC by

VANDAL is a digital placemaking art installation conceived as an interactive 3 dimensional canvas for

artistic expression and retail activation.




CD: Richard Swan

EP: Cyril De Baecque

Snr Producer: Amelia Lawson

Multimedia Developer: Sarthak Sachdeva

Photographer & Editor: Mariah Dunn

Fabrication Partner: Yippee-Kai-Yay

Neon Signs: Neon Poodle

Artist & Sculpture: Richard Swan

Other Crew:

The Galeries

Marketing Manager: Valerie Wong