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Judith Neilson Institute



Charged with creating a new and engaging video for the Judith Neilson Institute (JNI), Glenn Stewart crafted an ambitious and original piece that inspires viewers to share JNI’s commitment to journalism. The film seamlessly combines different styles of 2D and 3D animation created in Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, and Photoshop to communicate how the consumption of news has changed over time. The result is a unique and moving film that is now in use at JNI events and their offices.


Director and Animator: Glenn Stewart

Production Company: Collider Collider Executive Producer: Karen BrysonCollider Producer: Zaina Ahmed Sound House: Electric SheepSound Executive Producer: Kate Stenhouse Composer: Declan HarsentSound designer: Joe Mount


Cinema 4D, Redshift, After Effects, Photoshop