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KitKat - Wizards

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KitKat - Wizards



KitKat's new campaign reminds people what a difference a break makes when life’s little frustrations gets to you...VANDAL loved collaborating on this amusing campaign to remind people what a difference a
break makes!

Featuring Australian screen legend Michael Caton and the talented Miritana Hughes, the new campaign
transports a series of everyday issues into a magical setting to illustrate the well-known insight, ‘Have a
break, have a KitKat’. Whatever the challenge... from remote meeting miscommunications, lack of space
sharing at home or losing it when you’re locked out, a KitKat break will have a positive shift influence to
your perspective. That’s as true for Wizards and Sorcerers, as with everyone else.

Says João Braga, chief creative officer of Wunderman Thompson Australia: “We’ve all been through a
great deal of stress in the past year. It’s fair to say that, collectively, we’ve never so desperately needed a
break. Even KitKat had to borrow a bit of magic to help us release our everyday tensions and add a smile
to our breaks.”

Says Joyce Tan, head of marketing, confectionery, Nestlé: “We’re thrilled to share our new KitKat brand
campaign which spotlights frustrations people from all walks of life experience every day. Working with
onscreen legend Michael Caton and the talented Miritana Hughes, we had a lot of fun creating a suite of
assets that show how having a break together can bring perspective to even the most frustrating
moments, bringing a bit of magic to your day.

“We hope everyone can see a little bit of themselves in our campaign and are inspired to take more
breaks, with the help of KitKat and a little magic.”



Managing Director: Brenden Johnson

Executive Producer: Anna Greensmith

VFX Supervisor & CG Artist: Mick Watson

Flame Artist: Richard Lambert

Colourist: Billy Wychgel

Producer: Laura Tenison

Production Assistant: Phillip Muzzall

Other Crew:


General Manager Confectionery: Chris O’Donnell

Head of Marketing Confectionery: Joyce Tan

Marketing Manager- Chocolate: Jenna Nakou

Senior Brand Manager: Eileen Whitta

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