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Proximo Spirits + Kraken Premix

Commercials - VFX

Proximo Spirits + Kraken Premix



Australia, get ready to kraken a cold one.

VANDAL’s VFX team created sculpted, shaded and animated the iconic Kraken tentacles for their latest
premixed flavours hitting stores from February 2020.

Renowned for its dark black-like colour with smooth notes of ginger, cinnamon and clove, The Kraken
Black Spiced Rum has now mixed things up (quite literally) to bring you two new premixed flavours,
Kraken & Dry and Kraken & Cola - making any spiced rum fiends’ fantasies a reality.

Born in the heart of the Caribbean, creators of the two mystical drinks ensured that the district secret
spice blend behind Kraken has harmoniously paired with the aromatic notes of ginger within the Dry as
well as the iconic classic Cola taste.

The taste? Well, it’s exactly what you’ve been hunting for.




CD/Design Director: Robo Dinnerville

Producer: Michaela Fenton

Snr Designer: Darrin Hanley

Sound Designer: Nigel Crowley

Colourist: Daniel Pardy

Flame Artist: Phil Stuart-Jones & Kent Smith

Other Crew:


Director: Robo Dinnerville

Producer: Michaela Fenton

DOP: Viv Scanu

Production Manager: Bree Sutton

1st AC: Robert Tench

2nd AC: Xavier Scanu

Gaffer: Nick De Laine

Grip: David Griffiths

Standy Props: Andy Parkes