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Sky -The Collector - Dance Like You Used To Leon's Night Out

Commercials - VFX

Sky -The Collector - Dance Like You Used To Leon's Night Out



Teaming up once with Director Dan DiFelice and the production team at Biscuit Filmworks, Framestore has delivered a wide range of VFX to complement the beautiful cinematography and in-camera special effects on Sky’s new Collector campaign. Each spot in the major campaign led by Sky Creative Agency sees a protagonist - the titular Collector - transporting themselves into some of the best-loved fictitious worlds and using their sky remotes to open up a portal through which they collect their favourite TV shows and movies.


Client: Sky Creative Agency
ECD: Robin Garton
CD: Aaron Willmer
Agency Produer: Ciaran Bennett
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Director: Dan DiFelice
Producer: Kwok Yau
VFX & Colour: Framestore
VFX Supervisor: Chris Redding
CG Supervisor: Beau Garcia
Colourist: Simon Bourne
Senior Producer: Sophie Harrison
Producer: Emma Cook


houdini, maya, nuke, flame, zbrush, mari, heiro, photoshop