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Dove - Reverse Selfie

Commercials - VFX

Dove - Reverse Selfie



Dove's Reverse Selfie campaign reveals the shocking damages social media is inflicting on young people's self esteem and offers tools to alleviate these social pressures.

Absolute completed the visual effects for the film, creating a realistic ‘Photofix’ app and seamlessly reversing the effects of the digitally distorted selfie they created through craft.

The balance of graphic VFX (the app) vs invisible VFX (the heroine's 'un-doing' of her selfie) was of huge importance and careful, seamless craft was imperative to the narrative.

Shot during the height of the UK's second lockdown, Absolute faced the challenge of perfectly maintaining authenticity through remote feedback sessions with the client and team.

The teenager in the film isn't an actor, she was street cast and the shocking truth of just how far digital distortion can go from the comfort of a child's bedroom needed to be shocking, yet relatable.


Post-production: Absolute
VFX Supervisor: Phil Oldham
VFX Artists: Lucas Warren, Carl Godwin-Alvarez, Tom Clapp
Design Lead: Jonas McQuiggin
Executive Producer: Sally Heath

Agency: Ogilvy UK
Executive Creative Director: Dan Fisher
Creative Director: Juliana Paracencio
Senior Creative Team: Liam Bushby, Alison Steven
Managing Partner: Sam Pierce
Business Director: Georgina Howard
Head of Integrated Production: James Brook-Partridge
TV Producer: Sally Lipsius

Production Company: Independent Films
Director: Benito Montorio
DOP: Steve Annis
Executive Producer: Jani Guest
Head of Production: Verity White
Producer: Simon Eakhurst
Production Manager: Fiona Martin
Production Assistant: Georgia Mills


After Effects, Flame, Nuke