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Kiri and Lou S2 - Good Advice

TV Series Children

Kiri and Lou S2 -  Good Advice

Kiri and Lou


Kiri and Lou follows the friendship between Kiri, a feisty little dinosaur and Lou, a gentle and thoughtful creature, as they explore the world of feelings through laughter, song and adventure in their forest home. Hand crafted in clay-on-glass stop motion animation, Kiri and Lou explores empathy and how to get along, through gently humorous storylines for all ages. In this episode, Small visits her grandparents, who are very supportive of her art.


Antony Elworthy (Animation Director)
Francis Salole
John Lewis
James Carlisle
Nicola Cordell
Elmo Dean
Samuel Lewis
Sandesh Codhadu (Backgrounds)
Jack Carr (Compositor)
Paul Parvulescu (Compositor)
Martha Grant (Compositor)
Meaghan Hettler (Compositor)

Dragonframe (animation)
AfterEffects (compositing)
Premiere (animatics, editorial)