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NRMA + Invisible Fires

Commercials - Animation

NRMA + Invisible Fires



Invisible Fires. Written and voiced by Julia Stone.

The Black Summer bushfires may be out, but for many the mental trauma still burns.
A year on and Lifeline still receives up to 400 calls… every day.

NRMA Insurance has partnered with Australian music icon Julia Stone and Lifeline Australia, in a new
initiative by Thinkerbell, to highlight the continued need for mental health support for people affected by
the Black Summer bushfires. Funding from NRMA Insurance means more people can be helped.

To illustrate Julia’s evocative poem, Thinkerbell, produced in partnership with Vandal and Eardrum, have
created a mesmerising video titled “Invisible Fires”. Beginning as an MRI scan, a brain morphs in
response to Julia’s lyrics, to metaphorically highlight the overwhelming negative mental impact the
catastrophic natural disaster had on so many Australians.

The poem sheds light on the ongoing mental health trauma experienced by people impacted by bushfires
and aims to reassure those who are struggling a year on, that help is still available. The poem is in
response to Lifeline Australia continuing to receive more than 400 calls a day to its dedicated Bushfire
Recovery Helpline.




Managing Director: Brenden Johnson

Creative Director: Emile Rademeyer

Lead Artist: Mick Watson

Artist: Robo Dinnerville

Artist: Zac Watson

Sound Design: Nigel Crowley

Producer: Laura Tenison

Other Crew:


Executive Creative Tinker: Paul Swann

Head PR Thinker: Natalie Duncan

Head Production Tinker: Grant Anderson

Lead PR Thinker: Taylor York

CEO: Margie Reid

Chief Thinker: Adam Ferrie