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Small World

Commercials - Animation

Small World



What if packaging were made to be played with rather than just throwing it away? Introducing Samsung’s “Small World”- the make-it-yourself cardboard collection that gives packaging a second life by transforming it into imaginative, fun creations that everyone can explore.

The 30” film, with a fully animated sequence, brings to life the cardboard designs by artist AJ Smith of Papersmith Studio. The versatility of the material is shown as the packaging creations unfold out to build a 'small world' before the viewers’ eyes. The campaign blurs the line between the real-world cardboard designs and their 3D animated counterparts, sparking the viewer’s imagination.

The entire production process was managed by Glassworks, from developing the CGI world to capturing the live action and still photography.


VFX crew Animators:

PRODUCTION CO.: Glassworks Creative Studio


Lead 3D Artists: Rüdiger Kalterhäuser, Darren Macpherson

3D Artists: Jef Fleurkens, Lina Ozolina, Stephan Haidacher, Tim Borgmann, Gunter Freese, Alex Doss, André de Villiers

Lead 2D Artist: Kyle Obley

Designer: Hugo Rodríguez Rodríguez

Editor: Ben Putland

Colourist: Scott Harris

Colour Assist: Leonardo Grassi

MCR: Andy Kidd, Leonardo Grassi

BTS: Leonardo Grassi

Chief Operating Officer: Chris Kiser

Head of Production: Belén Palos

Producer: Rebecca Johnson

Coordinator: Patrick Armstrong

Other Crew:

AGENCY: Daniel J. Edelman, Inc.

DIRECTORS: AJ Smith, Camille Herren


Houdini, Flame